I'm so glad you're here! This is our story. God has lead us to adoption to build our family and here you will find my real and raw experiences with joys and triumphs as well as struggles and sadness. I hope you're encouraged by our story of God's faithfulness and His love for us!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I'm sitting on my couch for the first time today, emotionally and physically fried from a week that has been busy, exciting, nerve-wracking and draining. I'm dying to share our story with everyone and yet I'm struggling to find the energy to type!

This Monday I was at pump it up with Cinderella, the Froisland "twins" and Julie and I went to check on my phone. I know that sounds lake, but I'm more worried about my phone being stolen then my wallet. When I looked down at the screen my heart started beating quickly as I recognized the phone number as that of our social worker! I anxiously looked to see if she left a message and she didn't. There was no way I could return her phone call at that point so I focused my attention back on the task at hand and called her back when I got home. I nervously dialed her number but she didn't keep ms hanging. She told me right away that we'd been matched with a Laotian-African American girl who she said was 16 months old. She told me more information about the mom than the child and I realized soon after we got off the phone that I didn't even know her name! I was told that mom had a diagnosis of schitzophrenia and had been using drugs since she was 13. Interestingly enough the mom was adopted in Thailand by a Thai or maybe Hmoung couple and they later immigrated to the U.S.A. It ended up that she grew up American by culture and her parents were still living their Asian culture. She has two other children quite a bit older than Dora who have been removed from her care and adopted by her parents. As the situation stands right now the mom is trying to get Dora back but because of her history in the system and the fact that her services have been terminated by the County things don't look promising for mom. The next court hearing is April 20th where the county will attempt to terminate her parental rights.

Dora looks much more Asain than African American. When we first set out on our adoption journey, before Cinderella I always wanted to adopt from China. I think Asain babies are SOOOO cute! So needless to say I am on cloud nine! She is older than we were first told. She was born July 2009 so Cinderella and Dora are about 8 months apart. So we now we will join some of our friends who have "twins" through adoption. I'm excited to have a playmate for Cinderella. She's a short little thing. She's only in the 20th percentile for height! She isn't really talking yet so she has some speech delays and she has had some problems with affection. I guess she is finally ok and enjoying affection but that she isn't good with change. There's a lot of unknowns. Both parents have mental health issues and she's too young to know how or if this will affect her later in life. She is still needing to be tested for hearing and they aren't confident that she has 100% hearing. She was born with traces of amphetamines and opiates and again, we don't know how it will affect her long term. We'll just take it as it comes knowing that God is sufficient in our weakness and will give us the wisdom and grace to handle whatever comes our way. We are in love with her already and can't wait to meet her next Monday or Tuesday! If things go well we may have her living with us by the end of April. We're not sure exactly how long it will take to make the transition. But in the meantime we'll be able to spend lots of time with her at her foster family's house and eventually have her for days and then weekends at a time at our house and will gradually take over the role of primary caretaker until she's comfortable enough with us to move in without trauma.

The timing is great since we're getting close to summer. Once we transition her I may have a month left of work before summer break. We're seeing all the pieces gradually come together and are so excited to see where God takes us on this journey.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Today's the Day!

Today was just an ordinary day. We woke up, got dressed and headed to pump it up and had a great time with Julie and the Froisland "twins". Cinderella just loved it. I love seeing her excited because she just runs, runs in straight lines, runs in circles, twirls in tight twirls that make her dizzy. That was her today, running from one thing to the next. I went knowing that it would wear Cinderella out, but little did I know it would wear me out too! I wasn't planning on getting in the play structures, but there I was climbing in and out with our three little ones. What joy! While there I went to go check on my phone (yes, I'm obsessed. I'm not worried about my purse being stolen or the money in it taken. I'm only worried about my phone!") and I saw that I had missed two phone calls from a number that I recognized as our social worker. I immediately got nervous, knowing that she could be calling to tell us we were matched. If you've ever been to pump it up, you know it's not the time or place to make or take that phone call!

When I got home

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We're Officially Waiting!

I talked to our social worker on Tuesday for the first time since we sent in our paperwork. I had been meaning to call for over a week just to make sure that she got it and finally got around to it! I was so surprised by what I heard on the other end. I expected her to have to re-write the report on us, but she said all she had to do was fax on our paperwork and she can start putting us in match meetings immediately! She said that match meetings are typically held on Thursdays, but didn't say if they were every Thursday or how frequently they are held. But, she did say that she would call when we get matched. It's crazy not knowing how long we have or what kind of child to expect. It's so different than when we had Addy. We knew her gender, her due date. We had plans with her birthmother on when we were going to come and where we were going to stay up to her birth and where we were going to stay following her birth, what contact we would have with her after and we knew we would have a great life-long relationship with her! It is a hard thing for me to be planless! I know that we're prepared. We have everything we could possibly need from when Addy was born. It's just hard to prepare my heart with the situation being so up in the air. I AM excited about having another child. Probably more excited for Addy than anyone. She talks about a brother or sister daily and pretends to have one. She is going to be a great big sister! I can't wait to see her have a sibling!

So... let the wait begin. I'm sure my heart will stop when I see our social worker's phone number show up on my caller id!